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Visit our brand new flagship café at Westfield London!

Cat Café London Experience

Embarking on a London adventure?
Well, buckle up, because we’ve got a feline-centric suggestion that’ll make your trip absolutely purrfect—visit our London cat cafés!
London is a pulsating city with energy, history, and a touch of royal charm, but sometimes you need a break from the hustle and bustle. That’s where our whiskered friends come into play!

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Java Whiskers

Guest experience

“I visited this London cat café with my girlfriend and we both fell in love with Java Whiskers. What a great concept cat cafe! Java Whiskers are like a foster family, all cats and kittens are rescued and up for adoption

~ Eugene

Java Whiskers Cat Café, Great Portland Street, London, UK

Westfield Shopping Centre, London, UK

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Westfield London White City 

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Why visit this London Cat café?

Picture this:

You’ve been strolling through the iconic streets, soaking in the rich culture, and maybe even caught a glimpse of the Queen’s Guard. Now, imagine rounding off your day with a cosy cup of tea in the company of adorable, fluffy companions. It’s not just a tea break; it’s a therapeutic session of whiskers and wonder.

Our London cat cafés are a haven for cat enthusiasts, busy professionals and weary travellers alike. The concept is simple yet genius—sip on your favourite brew, savour a delicious pastry, and let the soothing presence of resident kitties work their magic. Our cat cafés in London are carefully curated havens of tranquillity where you can unwind in the midst of playful paws and gentle purrs.

These furry residents are all available for adoption and looking for new forever homes. They’re the heart and soul of this café experience and you get a chance to truly get to know the before you decide to apply to adopt one of the sweethearts. Our cats’ have the loveliest characters! Their antics provide a delightful spectacle, a whisker-filled sideshow to accompany your tea-drinking endeavours. Feeling stressed? Watch a cat gracefully navigate an obstacle course on one of our walls—stress levels instantly plummet.

Beyond the therapeutic benefits, our London cat cafés offer a unique twist to the traditional café scene. It’s not just about the latte art or the artisanal pastries; it’s about the whiskered companions who turn a regular cup of coffee into a memory worth savouring. And who knows, maybe you fall in love and have just befriended your newest family member

And guess what, your social media followers will be delighted to come with you for the visit! Your feed deserves a dose of cuteness, and what better backdrop than a cosy corner of a cat café with a resident furball as your photo buddy? It’s a win-win: you get the perfect snapshot, and the cats get a moment in the spotlight to help him or her find a new loving home.

So, whether you’re a dedicated cat lover or just looking for a new, memorable experience in London, a cat café is the purrfect addition to your itinerary. It’s a pause button in the midst of your adventure, a chance to recharge with a cup of tea and the warm company of some whiskered locals. Our London cat cafés aren’t just destinations; they’re a meowtastic experience waiting to be embraced!

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Hosting an Event?

Do you think our café is the most pawsome place to host your release/launch party, company event, or birthday among other fun things? It’s possible to rent the venue as long as the event is safe for the cats and the house rules can be upheld through the event.

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Java Whiskers


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