Our Policies

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation with a full refund is possible up to 48 hours before the visit.
Note! Please note that only rescheduling is possible when booking your slot less than 48h prior to your visit.

Rebooking is possible until 12h before your visit by clicking the link in your confirmation email.

Email info@javawhiskers.co.uk with your cancellation and we will help you.

Gift cards and events are non-refundable.

General Information

Java Whiskers is cash-free.

By making a reservation or buying a gift card you accept our house rules and payment terms.

We do not admit any children under the age of 6 in our Cat Lounge.
We do not admit any children under the age of 10 in our Kitten Lounge.

An adult must accompany children aged 6 – 15 years old.

1 adult per 2 children under 15 years old (full price for everyone).

Our Westfield White City café is wheelchair friendly, as well as our Cat Lounge at our Marylebone café.
(The Marylebone Kitten Lounge is located in a lower floor with only stairs to access.

Challenge 25 Policy* Please be prepared to show proof of age when buying alcohol

When working with living animals, we can not always guarantee that the cats will be awake during your visit. At Java Whiskers the health and happiness of our cats is of the highest priority. On average, cats sleep for between 15-18 hours a day, a completely natural behaviour, and one which we hope they maintain during their time at the cafe. This is a sign of a content and comfortable animal, especially if they are sleeping out amongst the guests. At Java Whiskers it is allowed to carefully pet and be around our cats even when they are sleeping. 

Terms & Conditions 

Payment can be made via the payment options specified on the website. Note that the payment services are provided through independent payment service providers and assumes that you accept the terms of the payment services. Therefore, please read and ensure that you accept these third-party terms prior to making a booking or purchase.

For bookings or purchases, you must provide the name, contact details, debit card details and / or other information expressly provided on the site.

For certain bookings or purchases and certain use of the website or the services, you may be required to register a user account according to the instructions given on the Website and that you log in via user name and password. You are responsible for keeping user names, passwords and other login details secret and for all use that takes place through your user account. If you find or have reason to suspect unauthorized use of your user account, you must contact us immediately.

After you have made a booking or a purchase, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided on your order or that is linked to your user account. Carefully check the content of the confirmation message and notify us immediately if you notice any errors or shortcomings. If you have not received a confirmation email within two days, you must contact us immediately.

You are responsible for providing and maintaining full, accurate and up-to-date information at any time. You must not make out to be someone else. In other words, if you use someone else’s name or information, you must first obtain that persons consent.

Cookies & Data Protection Polices

Read our Cookie & Data Protection Polices here

Animal Licence

Licence Number: 19/13079/LIAEXN


Company name: Java Whiskers UK Ltd

You can easily reach us by
Email: info@javawhiskers.co.uk

105 Great Portland St, Marylebone
London, W1W 6QF

White City
Westfield London, Ariel Way
London, W12 7HB


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