A moment with the cats is a moment for the soul

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“Our vision is to offer a unique, relaxing experience supporting the well-being of both cats and humans”

Who we are

Do you love cats? And do you love coffee too? At our café, you can enjoy both!
A unique experience enhancing both the cats’ and guests’ well-being.
Together with the public and our partners, we wish to find forever homes for homeless cats, while being a relaxing haven for our guests to ‘paws’ and enjoy in an otherwise busy world.
A moment with cats IS a moment for the soul.

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Java Whiskers
Java Whiskers

How it works

The health benefits of spending time in the company of furry felines are scientifically proven, and we offer a unique experience where our guests are welcome to relax with the cats while enjoying delicious food and beverages.

Our café is a foster home for homeless cats and they’re all looking for a new loving forever home! So, what if you happen to fall in love with one of them? Wonderful! All the cats and kittens are available for adoption, and we are happy to receive your application of interest.

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Why a cat café?

It’s easy. We love cats and we love coffee. But there’s another, even more important reason. We wish to do good in the world. The society we live in is a stressful place with loneliness and mental illness increasing by the day. At the same time, the number of homeless cats is growing exponentially. Seeing reports of the positive effect felines have on mental health, we saw an opportunity to create a win-win for both cats and humans.

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Java Whiskers

House Rules

Be respectful to our cats in every interaction.
You are not allowed to chase, force hold or pick them up from the floor.

There are toys available in the café that you can use to play with the cats.
No other items can be used as toys.

Do not feed the cats.

We have a “no shoe” policy in the lounges.

Please keep the sound level low.


Java Whiskers

Looking to adopt a furry sweetheart?

About adoptions

Java Whiskers Cat Café, Great Portland Street, London, UK

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