Who we are

We love cats and we love coffee.
But not only that;

we wish to do good in the world.

The society we live in is a stressful place with loneliness and mental illness increasing by the day. At the same time, the number of homeless cats is growing exponentially. Seeing reports of the positive effect felines have on mental health, we saw an opportunity to create a win-win for both cats and humans.

Our café offers guests the opportunity to slow down and relax, while enjoying the purring company of our feline residents, helping to ease stress and decrease loneliness. Whilst the cats get the attention and love they’re craving, and for the souls that experience hardship earlier in life, they get a chance to rebuild trust in humans.

You may also be hit by Cupid’s arrow, he’s a regular customer of ours and often comes for a cat café visit – yes, love at first sight is a reoccurring event at our café. You might meet the love of your life and a new family member!

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