Kitten Yoga

Kitten yoga is like a nourishing oasis in the desert of stress

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Kitten Yoga

Our Kitten Yoga is a calm and relaxing 1h class that is suitable for everyone and takes place in the Kitten Lounge at our White City Café. In the presence of our cats, you will have the opportunity to release the stress of today, let your mind rest, and recover on a deep level. After the session, you’ll have 30 min for cat cuddles while enjoying a cup of tea. A purrfect for recharge of both body and mind!

Guided by Leanne Antonia who is a cat-loving Yoga and Mindfulness teacher and Yoga Therapist passionate about supporting others to a sustainable work-life balance, and physical and mental well-being. Her intention for the event is to give you an experience that’ll recharge you with energy and inspiration.

Date: Mondays
17.45 – 19.15
19.30 – 21.00
Address: Westfield London, W12 7HB, London


Admission includes:
1h Yoga class, 30 min cat cuddles and a cup of tea.

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Java Whiskers

Java Whiskers Cat Café, Great Portland Street, London, UK

Westfield Shopping Centre, London, UK

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