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We use cookies.

To optimize your use of our website, we use cookies. A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer. Further information about which cookies we use can be found in the text below. 

We recommend that you read the following information.

More information about cookies used: 

Java Whiskers uses cookies on the website to optimize your experience, but not necessary for the website to function. You can therefore choose not to allow the use of cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files with information stored on your computer when you visit a website (including tablets with internet connection and phones). Cookies are used to make websites work more efficiently, but also to provide certain information to the owner of a website. Cookies make it possible to keep different users apart, which in itself can give each user a more positive experience of the website.

Cookies used on the Java Whisker’s website:


The list below indicates which cookies are used on our website, the purpose of each cookie and the duration of each cookie.

Cookies we use:


- Used to display selected language correctly  across the website. 

Removed when the session ends.

Cookie Consent.

- Used to determine if a visitor clicked accept on the pop-up that informs that cookies are being used.

"Web experience" cookies.

These cookies store settings for you as a user, such as language, country, age and if you have seen our privacy banner or turned off our cookies. They are used to enhance the web experience and display relevant content. Some of these cookies remain for as long as the session lasts, while others (such as language settings) are stored on your device so that the same settings are used the next time you visit our site.

Advertising Cookies.

- These cookies allow us to track and store information about when you and other users view and interact with our websites, our marketing and advertisements on this site and third-party sites. We use this data to target and customize our websites, our marketing and our ads on this and other websites. The purpose is to provide you with relevant products and services based on what you have previously looked at, searched for or clicked on when you have used our websites, services or advertisements. These cookies can be controlled by third-party advertising networks, and they remain on your device after the session ends.

Cookies for social networking programs.

- If you have logged into a social network, such as Facebook, they may have stored a cookie on your device that identifies you when viewing content on our sites. With such cookies, you can share content on multiple social media via the sharing settings, and they can allow the social networks to track your activities. Read more information in the privacy policy or cookie policy for each social network.

Most browsers have a default setting that accepts the use of cookies. You can change these settings so that you as a user are warned as soon as a cookie is sent to your computer or set up default which means that cookies are blocked. You can also choose to delete all cookies stored on your computer. How to delete stored cookies or change cookie settings is explained in the browser instructions or in the help function that most browsers are equipped with. If you choose to block the cookies used on our website, this may affect your experience of our website, i.e. some functions will not work. If you choose to not accept cookies, your choice will be saved for seven days, after which you will be asked again if you want to accept cookies.

In addition, a cookie is set for visitors with older versions of browsers who have chosen to visit the website despite warning that the website does not support their version of browser.